Is This For You

 Have you found yourself asking questions similar to these?

  • “How do we build team unity and productivity?”
  • “How do we resolve conflicts within the organization?”
  • “How can we help our workers who struggle with anger issues?”
  • “How can we create a culture where people and teams thrive?”
  • “What needs to change so we can go to the next level of success?”

These are demanding and important questions that face every leader. When should you call me?

  • When you know you are not getting the performance from your team that you desire.
  • When you’ve tried everything you know and the progress is slow or non-existent.
  • When you sense it is time to broaden your leadership style, it is time to call.
  • When you are struggling with a culture that is filled with frustration, conflict and anger.
  • When people are taking sides and forming negative cliques, it is time to call.
  • When you have a challenging goal and the present systems will not take you where you need to go.
  • When you know what you want but are struggling with bringing it all together.
  • When you are looking for a safe, objective partner who can serve as a sounding board, strategic thinking partner and coach, it’s time to call.

When you are struggling with personal anger issues that are destroying your business, organization, family, or people around you, it is time to call for confidential help in anger management.

I don’t work with everyone. You will be most successful when you:

  • Are motivated to make changes personally and in your organization
  • Have a clear goal or target
  • Are open to constructive feedback
  • Are willing to work hard and be innovative
  • Are ready to engage in robust and healthy conversation
  • Love learning and can enjoy the journey

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