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I was recently interviewed on a podcast (online radio show) and wanted to share this with you on my website. You can listen to the podcast below or read the transcript.


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When you are running a business, you can’t avoid experiencing conflict. In this episode of the Business Direct Podcast, Bill Graybill of shares insights about about how to manage conflict in your business.

Bill is an executive coach, bestselling author, and professional trainer helping businesses create healthy cultures.

For more information on how Bill can help you, visit read more...

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5 Quick Rules To Use When Offended

What offends you?

Bill Graybill

  • The neighbor throwing grass over your fence?
  • Dogs messing in your yard?
  • Not getting a birthday card from a relative?
  • A gift given but no “Thank You” returned?

These are all true examples of offenses that turned into conflict. Some of the conflict was silent and under the radar, while other conflict was open and destructive. read more...

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Four Steps for Dispelling Regrets

Regrets are like seagulls, if you feed them they will never leave you alone. Let them hang around and regrets make a big mess.

  • Are you bothered by feeling sad over something you did or said?
  • Did you miss a great opportunity and now you are experiencing disappointment?
  • You are remorseful about past events?

Sometimes these feelings of regret last for years, even a lifetime. How sad that regrets can continue to spoil a good day, mar a great relationship and diminish a principled life. In my personal life I can think of regrets that go back 40-plus years. One in particular dogged me with shame for most of those years. read more...

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Will you cause a train wreck? Find out how.

“It is too late! If you had come to see me sooner, we could have done something to save your situation. I’m sorry.”

I have said these words too many times, in some form. Not making a decision is a decision in itself. Dont waitNot taking action is taking action by default.

If you are a business owner, a pastor, a manager, or in any other position of leadership, thinking that conflict will go away can be cataclysmic. Inaction is the biggest mistake leaders make when it comes to conflict. read more...

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5 Steps to a Conflict-Resistant Organization

Are you intellectually fat? Now, before you are offended, know what I am asking. It is easy to know lots of information, but never put it into action. That is being intellectually fat.Bill_Slingshot

When it comes to conflict, there is a tendency to know what to do but not know the necessary steps to do it.

Just this past week it happened in our office–a computer would not start. The problem was isolated: it needs a new power supply. After the diagnosis was announced, everyone knew what to do: replace the power supply! Only one person knew the steps it took to replace it. read more...

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